Thursday, April 23, 2009

Space based solar power

Space based solar power is a theoretical design for the collection of solar power in space that can be used on the earth. Space based solar power consists of three parts namely a method of collecting solar power in space, a means of transmitting this solar power to earth and a method or device that can receive solar power on earth.

The space based solar power will not be affected by gravity, wind or weather. It will have to deal with space based phenomenon like meteorites, solar storms etc.

The space based solar power technology can choose between photovoltaic conversion and solar dynamic conversion for converting the solar energy collected into direct current or electricity. The solar power collected in space can be transmitted to earth through wireless transmission methods. The wireless transmission will either use microwaves or laser radiations for transmission. The solar power on earth can be received by the use of microwave antennae. For proper reception, the antenna size and wavelength must be small. However, the microwave antennae are expensive. The use of space based solar power system has advantages like there is no air in space, the amount and intensity of sunlight received will be more and it will not be affected by weather conditions as well. This means that no storage of solar power will be required. The space based solar power system does not pollute the environment. It will be economically beneficial for the nations of the world. It will also ensure sufficient amount of solar energy during global winters.

This system has a great potential if used properly.

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