Thursday, March 12, 2009

Solar energy

Frequently, people face confusion regarding the approaches that are implemented to exploit solar energy. Basically solar energy can be classified into two categories as thermal energy and light energy. The former technique uses heat coming from sun and puts it into use for heating the objects like water heating for homes and businesses, pool heating and space heating. Huge products have been introduced in the markets that implement thermal energy like solar thermal collectors. Very often, these are mounted on any sunny location or frequently on the roofs of building.

This solar energy can also be used to produce electricity on larger scale by converting this energy into mechanical power. Therefore, fossil fuels can also be taken as the result of solar energy stored for thousands of years. Even nuclear energy is also supposed to come from a star because the substance uranium that is primarily used in nuclear reactors is said to be created due to the ferocity of an exploding star known as nova.

In several countries, for promoting a clean energy economy, several new methods have been invented to convert it into electrical energy. For utilizing solar energy some photovoltaic panels have been invented that directly convert sun light into electrical energy and can be easily supplied for usage without having to attach a turbine generator.

Several researchers from Japan and China are working on manufacturing some new solar energy cells that can efficiently make use of butterfly wings as these help a lot for enhancing the efficacy of solar cells. For supplying enough voltage to electrical device, plastic solar cells have been also designed and are mounted on rooftops.