Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why is solar energy the best energy solution?

The energy obtained from the alternative energy source, the sun is called solar energy. The amount of energy produced on this planet is very small as compared to the amount of solar energy received by the earth which is almost 35000 times more than the former. A small fraction of the renewable solar energy is reflected back into the atmosphere and the rest gets absorbed. This absorbed solar energy can be put to many uses like heating homes, lighting homes and industries and running automobiles.

There are many reasons to consider solar energy as the best alternative energy source and a solution to the energy crisis. The first and the most important reason is the fact that solar energy is a renewable energy source and will be available for many years to come. Solar renewable energy is both biodegradable and sustainable. The generation of electricity by using the renewable solar energy requires no burning of fossil fuels and so there is no emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. This makes the use of solar energy more popular because it is not hazardous for the health. The use of renewable solar energy helps to maintain an ecological balance and does not degrade the environment as it does not cause pollution. Another important reason that makes solar energy the best energy solution is that it is freely available. It can be used cost effectively for the generation of electricity.

To meet the energy crisis, the renewable solar energy must be utilized to its full potential.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solar Power

Humans have been harnessing the renewable solar energy to generate solar Power for long times. They have applied this alternative power source to varied tasks. Various technologies are used to convert the renewable solar energy to solar power. Since this is a renewable energy source, most nations of the world opt for it to meet their energy requirements.

In order to extract this power, solar cells are used as the process of converting the solar renewable energy to solar power in solar cells is convenient and environment friendly. Solar power is harmless whereas the fossils fuels are harmful both for the environment and living beings as they emit greenhouse gases which are very poisonous. Solar power is also used by farmers to improve productivity of their land and crops.

The cost of maintenance of devices that are powered by this alternative power resources also less. Solar power is also used to generate electricity. In cases when excess electricity is produced from the additional solar power can stored in alternative power stores for future use.

Various technologies are being developed by scientists to promote the use of this renewable energy source. Steps are being taken to use solar power for satellites. Solar power is a versatile source of energy and can be put to a number of uses in a variety of appliances. Devices like heaters and cars can be powered by solar power. Solar power can be used for a very long time and is becoming one of the most useful renewable energy sources.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Solar energy companies

Renewable solar energy is the energy available in the form of heat and light from the sun. To be utilized for a variety of applications, solar energy must be harnessed in a proper manner. Solar power companies are working to do just that. The solar power companies are responsible for making solar energy available to consumers for end use.

Over the past few years’ solar energy as an alternative energy resource gas gained wide acceptance and so the number of solar energy companies is rapidly increasing all over the world. There are many reasons for this significant growth. One reason is that because solar energy is a renewable energy source, it can continue to meet the energy demands of the world for a long time. This energy is also available in abundance and will be available for as long as the sun keeps shining.

Another reason for the rapid increase in the number of solar energy companies is the fact that the reserves of oil that are used to fulfill the current energy requirements are depleting with each passing day. An alternative energy resource is therefore required to replace oil. This alternative energy source is the solar energy.

Solar energy is also being harnessed and used by solar energy companies because it is an eco friendly source of energy. The use of renewable solar energy does not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere and therefore does not adversely affect the environment.

Solar energy companies are working to provide a cleaner and greener world by the use of solar energy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Storage of solar energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that can be obtained from the sun. Sufficient sunlight must be ensured so that solar energy can be harnessed in a proper and efficient manner. The renewable solar energy can be put to a number of uses. When there is insufficient sunlight or no sunlight at all, solar energy cannot be used as an alternative energy resource. To utilize solar energy effectively it must be available at all times. But during night or on cloudy days, renewable solar energy is not available and so solar energy needs to be stored to meet the energy requirements at any given time. Solar energy can be stored in alternative power stores.

There are several methods available for storing the renewable solar energy. Solar energy can be stored in the form of heat in thermal mass systems. The heat energy can then be used for various domestic purposes. Materials like paraffin wax and Glauber’s salt can also be used to store solar renewable energy at domestically compatible temperatures.

At high temperatures, solar energy can be stored in molten salts. Once solar energy is stored in molten salts, it can be used in conventional heating systems for heating purposes.

When renewable solar energy generates excess electricity, this excess gets stored in off grid solar photovoltaic systems. Solar energy is also stored in hydro electric stores and then is used to generate electricity when there is a high demand of electricity.

Storing solar energy is important for future use but the technology used for this purpose is expensive.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Solar Power

Human has been harnessing Solar Power for long times, and applications of this power is varied accordingly. Generation of electricity is made possible through the technologies of Solar Power. This power is renewable and this is the main reason that one opts for this power. Though other forms of powers are also good but Solar Power is truly unbelievable. Solar Power In order to extract this power, solar cells are made use of and the procedure of extracting solar power in this way is more convenient as this is this procedure of environment friendly to a great extent. Fossils fuels emit greenhouse gases and these gases are very poisonous for human being but solar power is harmless. Farmers also use solar power in order to accentuate the productivity of their produce. Maintenance cost of solar cells is also less in comparison to the maintenance of heavy machineries. In case if more power is produced from solar cells, then, additional solar power can be sold to others and this is the most effective way of getting monetary benefits.

Scientists are taking initiatives for introducing solar power in the field of satellites. Versatility of this power is another rationale that can be put forth for using this energy. Different inventions like heaters, cars are powered through solar power. If you install systems of solar power then, they will provide services for long time. So, Solar Power is one of the most useful forms of renewable energy and different inventions are powered through this power.

Monday, April 27, 2009

How solar power systems works

The heat or light energy obtained from the sun is called solar energy. This energy can be used to generate solar power by collecting and converting it to usable electricity. Solar power has the advantage of being a clean, non- polluting and inexhaustible source of energy.

Solar power systems convert the solar energy into solar power. These systems are also known as photovoltaic systems. Solar power systems usually consist of solar panels, an inverter and a metering system.

Solar panels consist of a number of solar cells connected as modules. They are installed on roof tops of buildings to collect sunlight. A solar cell is made up of a thin bar of silicon. When sunlight falls on the solar cells, they produce an electric current. This electric current is passed to the inverter. Solar panels need to be placed at a position where they can collect maximum solar energy.

The inverter is needed to convert the direct current collected from the solar panel to power that can then be used to generate electricity for homes or can be fed to electricity grid.

A metering system is used to connect to the electricity network so that whenever there is no sunlight or insufficient sunlight, the houses get power in the traditional way.

The efficiency of solar power systems depends upon the amount of sunlight available. If the sky is clear and there is enough sunlight, the solar power system gives the maximum output. However, a cloud cover or a shady weather will have a negative impact on the solar power system’s output.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Space based solar power

Space based solar power is a theoretical design for the collection of solar power in space that can be used on the earth. Space based solar power consists of three parts namely a method of collecting solar power in space, a means of transmitting this solar power to earth and a method or device that can receive solar power on earth.

The space based solar power will not be affected by gravity, wind or weather. It will have to deal with space based phenomenon like meteorites, solar storms etc.

The space based solar power technology can choose between photovoltaic conversion and solar dynamic conversion for converting the solar energy collected into direct current or electricity. The solar power collected in space can be transmitted to earth through wireless transmission methods. The wireless transmission will either use microwaves or laser radiations for transmission. The solar power on earth can be received by the use of microwave antennae. For proper reception, the antenna size and wavelength must be small. However, the microwave antennae are expensive. The use of space based solar power system has advantages like there is no air in space, the amount and intensity of sunlight received will be more and it will not be affected by weather conditions as well. This means that no storage of solar power will be required. The space based solar power system does not pollute the environment. It will be economically beneficial for the nations of the world. It will also ensure sufficient amount of solar energy during global winters.

This system has a great potential if used properly.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Solar photovoltaic cell

A solar photovoltaic cell is used to convert solar energy into electricity. It is also called a solar cell and directly converts the solar energy into electrical power. A solar photovoltaic cell is made from silicon alloys.

When sunlight falls on solar cells, electrons are excited and move from their positions. These electrons move towards the surface. This creates an electron imbalance between the front and the back surface. If these surfaces are connected by wires, a current passes between the negatively charged and the positively charged surfaces.

The photovoltaic cell converts the solar energy into direct current. This direct current is used for small electronic equipments or for domestic purposes. When the electricity produced by solar cells has to be used for commercial applications, the direct current needs to be converted to alternating current. This can then be supplied for use. The solar energy in the form of electricity can be stored in batteries as well for future use. Solar photovoltaic cells are also used in some experimental cars where solar energy is converted to electric energy to power such vehicles.

The performance of solar cells depends upon the amount of sunlight received. Climatic conditions like fog, clouds etc. have a considerable affect on the working and performance of solar cells because the amount of solar energy received and absorbed is less.

The use of solar photovoltaic cells is becoming more and more popular because solar energy can be directly converted to electric energy without the need of mechanical generators. These cells are easy to use and install.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Solar Power

Environment is getting polluted day by day; it is all due to toxins produced by fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are conventional forms of energy that are responsible for deteriorating environment. Solar Power is an alternative source of energy that is environment friendly to a great extent. Conventional buildings used solar power for various purposes; contemporary world has shown great interest for this power. One can put forth different reasons for this interest, people can not afford costly bills of energy, Solar Power is considered best from this view point as it is very cheap. Other reason has been mentioned earlier that is degradation of environment through conventional sources of energy.

Most of the people are making their minds to switch over to Solar Power, so that they may not have to face increasing cost of energy bills. For remote locations, where electricity can not be reached, at those places Solar Power can be installed. Luxury boats and recreational vehicles also make use of Solar Power. Solar Power is also used for indoor lighting; this power can also be used for garden lighting. One commendable thing about Solar Power is that one has to bear very less maintenance cost while the cost of maintaining traditional energy resources is very big on the part of an individual. In remote areas, one can make use of solar water pumps. So, Solar Power is widely accredited for its multiple purposes and people across the world are making their minds to switch over to Solar Power.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Solar energy

Frequently, people face confusion regarding the approaches that are implemented to exploit solar energy. Basically solar energy can be classified into two categories as thermal energy and light energy. The former technique uses heat coming from sun and puts it into use for heating the objects like water heating for homes and businesses, pool heating and space heating. Huge products have been introduced in the markets that implement thermal energy like solar thermal collectors. Very often, these are mounted on any sunny location or frequently on the roofs of building.

This solar energy can also be used to produce electricity on larger scale by converting this energy into mechanical power. Therefore, fossil fuels can also be taken as the result of solar energy stored for thousands of years. Even nuclear energy is also supposed to come from a star because the substance uranium that is primarily used in nuclear reactors is said to be created due to the ferocity of an exploding star known as nova.

In several countries, for promoting a clean energy economy, several new methods have been invented to convert it into electrical energy. For utilizing solar energy some photovoltaic panels have been invented that directly convert sun light into electrical energy and can be easily supplied for usage without having to attach a turbine generator.

Several researchers from Japan and China are working on manufacturing some new solar energy cells that can efficiently make use of butterfly wings as these help a lot for enhancing the efficacy of solar cells. For supplying enough voltage to electrical device, plastic solar cells have been also designed and are mounted on rooftops.