Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why is solar energy the best energy solution?

The energy obtained from the alternative energy source, the sun is called solar energy. The amount of energy produced on this planet is very small as compared to the amount of solar energy received by the earth which is almost 35000 times more than the former. A small fraction of the renewable solar energy is reflected back into the atmosphere and the rest gets absorbed. This absorbed solar energy can be put to many uses like heating homes, lighting homes and industries and running automobiles.

There are many reasons to consider solar energy as the best alternative energy source and a solution to the energy crisis. The first and the most important reason is the fact that solar energy is a renewable energy source and will be available for many years to come. Solar renewable energy is both biodegradable and sustainable. The generation of electricity by using the renewable solar energy requires no burning of fossil fuels and so there is no emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. This makes the use of solar energy more popular because it is not hazardous for the health. The use of renewable solar energy helps to maintain an ecological balance and does not degrade the environment as it does not cause pollution. Another important reason that makes solar energy the best energy solution is that it is freely available. It can be used cost effectively for the generation of electricity.

To meet the energy crisis, the renewable solar energy must be utilized to its full potential.

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